Solemnisation Basics

We’ve settled the basics for ROM – Date, venue & JP! Haha. Here’s what we did for these 3:

Date: We practised extreme kiasuism and went to consult a geomancer for the date =P. He is David Tang from Fo Guang Hang International Geomancy Centre @ the very ulu Jalan Sultan Plaza @ Beach Rd (Yuan got his contact from the internet). We had to provide him with our birth date and timings and our parents’ birth dates, and it costs $38 to give you all the good dates in any 1 mth you choose. You email him your details and collect your analysis when it’s ready. As simple as that..

Actually we didn’t get to meet him ‘coz all our dealings were with his heavily-tattooed assistant. In the end, he gave us 1 Mon, 1 Wed, 5 Fris and 1 Sun. So quite obvious which date we chose right? =P


Venue: Actually we were not very conscientious in checking out venues (although Yuan did identify quite a few). Those we saw include Furama Riverfront Waterfall Lounge, Grand Copthorne, Olive Ristorante @ Labrador Park, The Lawn @ Raffles Hotel, Flutes at the Fort, Watercross @ Pasir Ris Park and Parkroyal on Beach Rd, and were really very interested in Furama for most of the time! I’m glad we chose Parkroyal in the end ‘tho, ‘coz now I cannot imagine anywhere else that could be prettier! (haha, 夸张)

Pretty anot? 

Will just show you 1 shot of the place. The rest you see for yourself on the day itself ok.. =D


JP: Haha even easier for JP!!! Yuan asked me to go online to see which are the good JPs ppl recommend. I roughly looked through forum and sent him a few names, and told him ppl said this Mr Chan Kai Yau is very highly recommended. He called him the next morn and tadaa, Mr Chan agreed! ^_^



Okies that’s it for today manz, spent >1 hr writing this entry liao. Will update on progress (when there’s progress). Seeya here again! =D

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    yuanlovepang said,

    If we did not consult the geomancer on dates. I think most likely it will be on 27 Sep 2008. But since we consult the geomancer, and there is only one Sun. We guess it would be weird if we dun follow. Cos we defintely wan the whole event and our marriage to Last Forerver. BTW dun be scared by dear comments on the geomancer assitant. He is heavily tattooed but he is friendly and is patient to answer our queries. Not those fierce looking Bengz. haha

    For the venue me identify more places, but due to the locations we did not check it out partly is also we sort of decided it will be at Furama Riverfront. Cos we simply love the place. It is indoor with aircon (MOST IMPORTANT), it is in a lounge with the waterfall as backdrop. The food review is good and location is ideal. But too bad we are a bit pissed with their slow response and the dates that we want are not available.

    Flutes at the Fort are nice, me like the place but the price is on the high side.

    Olive Ristorante @ Labrador Park is pretty nice, but again the transportation will be troublesome. And food review is not that good. Anyway they fail to email us the details after meeting their manager. So that is Out.

    ParkPoyal on Beach Road is actually not in our reccee list, cos Dear dun like the photo when i send to her. So there a weekend when we were at Arab Street and we park at Concourse. So before we were leaving, i casually suggest gg there for a look. And that it!! We both love the place. The only problem is that it is outdoor. But one thing to note they got excellent staff who is so patience.

    For the JP, me is quite nervous when calling Mr Chan, dunno wat to say dunno wat to do. But tentatively he is fine on that day and he had noted down the date and timing. So we jus need to confirm with him after we book our ROM date on 28 Jun 2008!!

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