Of Invites and Favours

Just got arrowed by Yuan to do a prototype for the e-invite by tomorrow!?!

We have only just decided to do it the electronic way after weeks of brainstorming, craft shop visiting and online research (haha abit exaggerated). Reason being, we’ve decided to channel more efforts into other aspects of the wedding such as the FAVOURS, guestbook, my ROM dress, etc. etc. So do look out for it in your inbox some day (hopefully soon!!!) =P

If you ask me, I think searching for suitable and unique favours is really fun! Going to look for a variety so that everyone can pick something they like (not sure if that’s possible ‘tho ‘coz we’ll be wrapping them up hahaha..)

But don’t worry my Dears.. will point you out to the one that you may like =D

That’s all for now.. mua is going to prepare to go to work soon.. *yawn*


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    yuanlovepang said,

    My Dear, you are always in the conceptualising stage. The invite card design you had been conceptualising for many weeks. And nothing come out. Ops.. haha..

    Anyway my Dear is always good in design and is always so creative, so dear is the best person for the job.

    Guess e-Invite will do. Since only close relatives and frens will be invited.

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