Wedding Bands

Didn’t realise that shopping for wedding bands can be so much fun. Goldheart is the first shop we went to view their wedding bands. There wasn’t any that really caught our attention. But it is nice trying on different designs of wedding bands. But me dun really like the sales guy, the salesgirl is better. The sales guy keeps pushing their celestial wedding bands!! We had no intention for one and Dear doesn’t like the cutting at all.

Today we went to Vivo city’s Love & Co. Love & Co is managed by Soo Kee and specialises in Wedding bands. We spent about an hour there browsing through their huge range of wedding bands. We like their designs a lot and actually did select a pair. Eh to be exact it is not a pair, cos the ring that dear picked is an individual ring, and I picked one that matches hers. But it is a bit over our intended budget and since this is only the second shop that we went, we still wanna check out a few more shops before making a decision. I would give a thumbs up to the salesgirl. She is patient and not pushy at all. She even agree with us on looking around more before deciding. I guess unless we can find one that Dear likes more, most likely we will be getting that.

Our next stops. Soo Kee, Lee Hwa and Fairy’s Inc.


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