Fairy’s Inc.

Finally we went for our appointment wif Fairy’s Inc. today. Quite a different experience from the normal jewellery shops. Usually those sales ppl will push u with all the rings esp. their signature Brilliant Rose, Celestial, Destiny.. but Fairy’s Inc. is quite unique, they started by introducing us their services are and what they can do. I didn’t know that there is embossing for rings. Haha..

Because we had no idea of what design we had in mind we were not able to come up with any design. But Sandra is really nice, she showed us some nice designs and let us know what is suitable for us. There is so much that we have to take note in choosing the ring design, esp. our finger. Cos it will really determine what sort of ring design is suitable.

Since we can’t come up with anything we fixed another appointment next week to discuss further. What impressed me was their style, and they are friendly with no hard sell tactics. But Sweetie is still undecided between Fairy’s Inc. and Love & Co. Maybe we will go to Love & Co again to have another look at the design that she likes.

So now Sweetie gotta think of some designs before our next appointment. I really enjoy the process of the wedding preparation although it takes up almost all of our personal time.

Cheers and wait for more update on our wedding bands. 🙂


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    Elaine said,

    Glad that you guys are doing well in your preparation. Good to get things ready as early as you can.

    Haha… if you think wedding preparation takes up a lot of time, wait till you have a baby. What “personal time”? But having said that, I feel a lot better today, having slept for 4-5 hours last night. Believe God has given me strength too.

    So, all the best in your preparation and have fun. 🙂

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