Wedding Show @ Pioneer Spring, Safra Mt Faber

Wasn’t too keen to go at first ‘coz it.. sounds.. boring. But Yuan said we could go there for our anniversary dinner (which is not a bad idea). Haa.

Was quite xian in the beginning ‘coz must sit down and hear the banquet exec sell you the place. Must qualify however that they have quite a good spread of vendors (many more and more interesting than Goodwood’s) and we managed to check out a few booths. The saving grace indisputably was the food tasting buffet (which we treated as our dinner) which was really quite good! Basically, they allowed you to try their $699 menu (the cheepest one) and it was not bad at all!

Oh and did I forget to add.. we won one of the 3 prizes in the lucky draw! The prizes are the same – a $300 Bridal Zone voucher to be used with the $3k+ package.. no use to us as we already bought our package *shrug* Let me know if you’re interested to get it.. =) Okies, as usual, eye candy for you..

Got red carpet but no gown presentation.. funny..

Erm pretty standard tealights backdrop

Showcasing their $699, $799 and $899 menu

We had a good meal! Keke!


Satisfied me after eating a mountain full of food wahaha (as compared to some gfs who ate only a few morsels as if they’re really food-sampling)

Erm.. the turnout was not very ideal we guess..


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