ROM Decor Project

Hee.. have completed a little milestone of our ROM decor project! =P

By right, I shldn’t be posting pics of it here ‘coz you would have seen all the stuff b4 the ROM and there will be no more surprise right..?

By left, ‘tho, I think it doesn’t matter ‘coz you probably won’t remember.. haa.. 

It looks quite funny and kiddish and I made it using my neglected Angelclay set (which I bought from Sq 2 almost 1 year ago). Didn’t think it would be very successful ‘coz my previous and first attempt making Shinchan wif it failed – but it didn’t turn out too badly! Hee. Both Yuan & Ann gave it a cuteness rating of 8/10! =D

Just to add, it will be placed at our ROM table together with the ring cage.. see pic below (decor for ring cage not completed yet):

Wahaha! My hair is too short! Yuan did his hair himself – not a bad job at all! =D Had alot of problems with his brown jacket and white shirt ‘tho.. haha. It’s sleeveless! May add some accessories for both of us.. stay tuned.. =)


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