Back in SG

Yuan and I are back in SG after a very short trip to HCM. It’s worse for him ‘coz he went back to work/study today whereas I nuahed at home the entire day.. =P

If there can be only 1 word to describe HCM, it would be – I’m very sorry – HOT! I cannot count the no. of times we almost melted in the heat. And the shopping is.. err.. there’s really not much to buy..

So you can imagine that we were not very successful in wedding favour identification and procurement lor.. :/ After scouring the streets, markets and very rare shopping centres, we only managed to get 2 types.. so 4 more types to go.. will find something from SG la.. easier, hee.

And yes, very importantly, Yuan managed to get his suit done @ this shop called Tricia & Verona @ Dong Du Street, HCM! I can’t pose pics ‘coz you’re only supposed to see the suit on ROM day right? But I can show you a pic of Verona taking his measurements before the suit was made, keke! See below; can you spot me?

A short writeup on T&V, from Travel:

Opened 2 years ago by sisters Tuyen Tran and Vy Tran (who anglicized their names to Tricia and Verona to convey their Western sense of style), the store’s crisp white walls, low lacquer tables and contemporary light fixtures make it feel more like a boutique than a workshop. Specialties include wool coats (from $80), slacks (from $30), and muslin tops (from $17). There’s also a selection of off-the-rack items that can be copied, fitted or adapted. The average turnaround time is two days, including fittings. 39 Dong Du St., D1, 011-84/8-824-4556.


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