ROM Gown Selection

Finally, after waiting sooooo long, the day had come for me to choose the gown. Yay!

I found it a rather awkward experience (especially for the first 1/2 hour) ‘coz there would be sooo many pairs of eyes looking at you, commenting whether it’s nice/not so nice, suitable for you or not.. >_<

You would probably also require the girl to help you zip up/tie the criss-cross thingy behind you so it can be rather awkward. No way to zip it up yourself (not to mention tying the criss-cross thing) ‘coz the thing is damn low lor.. below your waist.. >_<

Yuan said I eliminated 1/2 of the selection straightaway by insisting on a long gown. Am relieved that I managed to find a suitable one from that 1/2, and it was not a bad choice at all. I like it! Won’t show you the actual thing but will show you the one I like second best, ok? I actually like it alot ‘coz it’s fitting at the waist but we didn’t choose it in the end ‘coz it looks too much like a bridal gown.. =P

Check it out..

The yellow one at the back is also quite suitable and cheery but it’s empire cut and flares out at the waist. There’s a danger of me looking short and fat haha, so..

I also realised that when I don’t feel at ease, I keep making this silly face. 90% of the pics I took at the studio had this funny face. Urgh!


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