The high price of saying ‘I do’

So true! Weddings (even ROMs) are soooo expensive! >_<

Read this ST article.

Got to remember to curb my spendthrifting ways! Urgh!


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  1. 1

    SL aka Ling-er said,

    yes yes, sighz, i better diet too, can kill two birds with one stone hahaa…

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    SL> Got ah! You’re doing yoga and pilates right? Hehe..

  3. 3

    SL said,

    yes, pilates is shiong, i m giving it up… yoga is enjoyable 🙂
    me go for cheap pilates n yoga abt $80 for 10 sessions only

  4. 4

    sunkiiss said,

    SL> At the CC..? I haven’t (and am not really planning to) embark on any exercise regime – so terrible! Haa.

  5. 5

    SL said,

    civil service club at bukit batok has yoga.. tink they have “branches” elsewhere keke… chk out their website

  6. 6

    sunkiiss said,

    SL> Oh my 插花班 is also at CSC, haa.. but Tensensohn one.. =)

  7. 7

    SL said,

    eh i tink tensensohn oso have yoga or fitness classes.. u can chk it out

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