Pen decoration

For some reason, I came to realise that pen decoration is actually VERY hard to do! >_<

We decided not to buy wedding-themed pens from those wedding accessory shops ‘coz we were not confident that the ink would be good, and Yuan doesn’t like flowery/feathery/beary designs.. (he thinks they’re too kiddish), haa.

First things first, the slippery surface probably means that I can’t use the craft glue I’ve been using for the rest of the items, and super glue is a terror! I had glue all over my fingers and the glue may accidentally end up on areas of the pen that wasn’t meant to be, and it CANNOT be removed. Gosh. As a result, the end product is err.. not very well made. Can see from far but it’s better not to scrutinise it too much =P

I attempted to shoot from an artistic angle, so it actually looks better than it is.. haha! There you see amethyst and tanzanite swarovski crystals again, as with the rest of the decor.. =D

Looks ok hor..? Swarovski crystals do wonders.. dunno what I could have come up with without them.. =)


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