Unhealthy eye

Was diagnosed with a cornea ulcer in the left eye this afternoon, so scary!

I don’t know how much a cause for concern it is but it sure seems like a serious condition, according to this website: http://www.emedicinehealth.com/corneal_ulcer/article_em.htm =/

Today was also the first (and I hope last) time I did a cornea scrap & it was gross! I was willing myself not to freak out while the nurse pushed my head firmly against the face rest to prevent me from moving. I didn’t appreciate that at all. >_<

And did I forget to mention – the doctor used a SYRINGE to do the scrap!!! I was half-expecting him to poke it into my eyeball to extract something.. ..

Well, it’s also the first time my eyeball was photographed. Pity the 主角 is not my eye but the ulcer.. urgh..

To cut a long story short, that means that I have to be off my contacts for an unspecified period of time! (according to the doctor’s own words, “as long as we tell you to”) – that means I can’t wear contacts for my trial makeup this Sat? For the ROM? The trip? I’m not so sure if I can adhere to all of that..


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  1. 1

    yuanlovepang said,

    My Dear u will gotta listen to the Doc.
    Dun worry i will safe keep all ur contact lens till the Doc say Ok.

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    I keep myself =P

  3. 3

    Lizhen said,

    you look pretty with or without glasses! don’t worry! most imptly, it’s getting healed.. 🙂

  4. 4

    sunkiiss said,

    Lizhen> keke thanks.. oh.. Elaine updated ya..? =)

  5. 5

    Lizhen said,

    nope.. update me on? ..

  6. 6

    sunkiiss said,

    Lizhen> On my eye condition lor.. =)

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