Lousy After Sales Service

Actually not sure whether i shd pen this down in the blog. All the while our preparation had been pretty smooth. Nothing bad or unhappy happened during our preparation. But last fri, Me is so pissed with our wedding band vendor Love & Co. I was so angry that i scolded that sales guy.

There is a small rose gold stain on my wedding band, it is quite small and the stain is quite light. So during collection we can’t really see the stain due their shop’s BRIGHT LIGHTING.  It is only when we’re home under normal lighting then we can see it. So we went back the next day to the shop, guess what the guy say, “Since you had signed and collected the ring, it is your responsibility, we can send for polishing but if charges are incurred you will need to pay”. Upon hearing this, i was sooooooo sooooooo pissed. Any idiot can see clearly tat the stain is definitely caused by their lousy worksmanship or poor QC (or is there any?). The first thing they did was not to help us solve the problem but pushing the responsibility to us. WTF service is tat!! They are damn lucky there ain’t any other customers in there at the moment. Cos i’m gg to create a big hoo haa there. Anyway they say they will send back for polishing and most likely they will be able to remove the stain without any charges. So what type of customer service are they providing?? And dear is still tinking of getting one of their diamond necklace for next year AD. But i dun tink i will wanna buy anything from them ever. And ppl if u r planning to get things from them please check carefully cos u can’t expect much after sales service from them.

Sorry my dear. But is just not worth buying from them.

My personal view on Love & Co. Before sales services 100 marks. After sales services -100 marks!


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  1. 1

    sunkiiss said,

    Sigh..! Should have gone to Fairy’s.. =/

  2. 2

    SL said,

    oh dear, it is one of those things that irks us lor… bad service.. i got my fair share with the florist… sighz

    ask her what type of pink she has, she says onli one pink… no need to discuss liao lor

  3. 3

    sunkiiss said,

    SL> Hmm got many shades of pink lor.. =/

  4. 4

    yuanlovepang said,

    Sigh ya. guess we should go to Fairy Inc.

    Can’t really trust those Jewellery Shop. Guess their sales are only focusin on selling/pushin u their stuff and not really bother about customer service. Rem tat time after i brought ur proposal ring. And when i go collect it after changing the setting. Nobody bother about me when they know i’m there to collect ring and even ask me to come another time when there are lesser ppl. WTF rite. Why didnt they ask me to come anyday to buy before i make the payment leh.

    Wat good Service Standards they are providing.

  5. 5

    sunkiiss said,

    Sigh.. yep. Maybe we go Fairy’s Inc. to make the necklace..? Wahahaha..

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