Pre-wedding anxiety

Looked ‘thru all of Melvin Ho’s vids (ROM) again.

Tried to feel how they look like they feel, and they really seem very happy!

Somehow, have (just) started to develop pre-wedding anxiety. Mainly about myself (i.e. superficial things such as my dress and just how I look overall). ‘Tho of ‘coz, as Yuan likes to emphasise, the wedding is not about the day, but..

Think o/r brides go for facials and scrubs and stuff. But I didn’t do anything. Urghh.. should I have gone for those? Am not very confident about looking nice on that day, suddenly. Sobz!


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  1. 1

    yuanlovepang said,

    My Dear u look beautiful in the Gown and ur makeup and Hairdo suit you very well..

    Dun worry let us enjoy ourself on tat day k.

    Anyway me is putting on weight everyday. pimple popping out (BIG ONE ON FOREHEAD!!!). Hair haven cut. So i shd develop super pre-wedding anxiety?!?! hahaha.

    Relax la. We got a busy busy weekend ahead. : )

  2. 2

    Elaine said,

    Ya, no worries Sabee. U look lovely already… the make up and dress can only make u look prettier. 🙂

  3. 3

    sunkiiss said,

    Elaine> 10q! =)

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