Super busy day

It has been a terribly busy day for both of us, even more so for Yuan ‘coz he still had to do his demo @ school in the morning!

And it’s the first time I spent 5 HRS @ a manicure salon. ‘Tho Yuan said I’m relaxing, but I think it’s still too long liao la.. haha. Now, it looks as if I have a forest growing on my thumbnail HAHAHA!

Presenting.. the most gorgeous nails I’ve ever had – I absolutely love the orchids! ;D Worth the 5 hrs? =P

Before the manicure session, we rushed to Far East Flora to collect the petals and buy some fresh flowers for deco. After the session, we rushed back home after dinner to make the fresh flowers decor for the chairs. Siong ah! Check out pics below:

The fresh flower decor for chairs @ solemnisation table..

Keke.. my hand bouquet – pink flowers, must have hydrangea & greens, and with brown satin ribbon (my requirements to Jac, our florist! =P)


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