After the ROM..

Hmm the ROM is over. Felt ‘lost’ for awhile ‘coz suddenly, there’s nothing to prepare for.

The past few days since we’re back were spent admiring the photos we got and posting on the blog. So now it feels wierd ‘coz I don’t have new pics to look at.. >_<

Am awaiting Mel’s pics & slideshow – hope the pics are nice! *keeping fingers crossed* Will try not to worry too much..

Well, well.. guess we still have alot to look forward to after the ROM la. There’s the place, the pre-wedding shoot, the customary wedding, the actual honeymoon after the wedding, etc. etc. Guess we should relish the preparation phase! =) Now I know what Bonny meant by “wanting to get married again”.. haha. And yes Yuan’s b’day is coming in the very near future!!! Late preparation (by me) is better than no preparation la.. =P

We’ve also just participated in the latest Sep 08 HDB ballot – will need all the luck we can get! Really hope to get our new place soon (our next milestone after ROM).. =D

Do look out for mini honeymoon pics soon too.. need to find time to edit.. =)


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