Recce – 8 Dec

Wah! Today we really recce till verree tired leh. Travelled to soooo many houses till ‘tou hin’ =P House-shopping can be very tiring, k! The houses we saw today:


This is freaking close to home! Haha. Just next door..


You can tell these are the central flats..


The only one in another estate we saw today. Eh.. not so ideal la..


Didn’t manage to take this pic in the day. Nice cluster of yellow flats.. I like.. =D I have strong “feel” for one of them.. =P

Yuan suggested that we do a journey test to the em with “feel” tomorrow.. hee..


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  1. 1

    Lizhen said,

    hee.. good to have a home near to either side’s parents.. convenient… haha.. at least for dinners and in future “Plan B” – leaving baby at their place while u go pak-tor-ing.. ! 😛

  2. 2

    Sunkiiss said,

    Lizhen> Hmm, ya, it’s a very impt point for consideration.. but we both stay in very expensive areas! Urgh!

    Btw, on a separate note, Steffi is really very cute leh! It’s great to hear her speak.. keke. And I still have my 10q gift (ROM) to pass to you leh..

  3. 3

    Lizhen said,

    heehee.. arrange to meet soon! 😛

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