Sweet Kitty

Came to know about this sweet little kitty & her mummy from Ann & I’ve been visiting them every day since. She’s adorable & her mum’s lovingly protective.. =) Am kinda impressed actually ‘coz I always thought cats don’t really bother about their young.

Here’re 2 pics of them & I can assure you that the duo’s really sweet.. always together and my fav pose of them is in the bicycle basket where they sleep so sweetly together.. hee. Am happy that we’re still going to stay in the vicinity so I can still drop by to see and feed them. Am unlikely to be able to adopt them ‘tho ‘coz I don’t know how to care for cats and I don’t want to separate them, so must adopt both. And I can’t let them live outside the flat either ‘coz it’s @ 16th floors, and I don’t think I should take their freedom away, so..

There you go.. they bring a smile to my face everytime just as Snowy did.. =)




Oops! I woke the little sweetie up from her afternoon nap wif Mummy.

[Update] More pics of the cutie taken this afternoon before I went to work.. =P


The potted garden is her playground


Hmm not too sure if the owner of the plants is going to be very pleased; I had a great time ‘tho laughing at her bounce from pot to pot & trampling on numerous plants in the process.. oops ^^


Super duper cute!

[Update on 18 Jan] For some reason, we’ve been seeing lesser of them together for the past few days & I only saw the mum when I got back at 11+ just now! *feeling distressed* Where did the little one go? Yuan thinks he had wondered off himself ‘coz that’s what happens when kitties get older.. they go their separate ways from their family once they’ve gained independence? Or someone mean just took it away. =( I’m quite sad for the mum; she seems very listless.. sigh.. hope to see the little one tml morn before I go to work. =(

A pic I took of them sleeping yesterday afternoon.. so sweet. Hope it’s not the last pic I will take of them together.


[Update on 19 Jan] Was just informed by my little neighbour Michelle that the little one had been run over by a car.. I guess it was on the night when we last saw him (before we went to supper when he was happily playing wif his mum), ‘coz we only saw the mum when we came back. Am very upset ‘coz I don’t understand why his life is so short, and why he had to be taken away from his mum! =( And she’s so listless now.. we just fed her & could only reminisce about the times when the little one would run so enthusiastically towards us followed by her mum closely behind.. so.. that’s really the last pic I took of them together..


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  1. 1

    SL aka ling-er said,

    awww.. reminds me of a kitten which i adopted for a while before my mom gave it away to her friend… ur heart will melt when they snuggle close to u 🙂

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    Ling-er> Yalor.. I like her so much, she can respond to you one.. =) I just got a little scratch from her ‘tho ‘coz she’s so playful and will reach out to touch ur hand when you reach out to her. Very sweet.

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