First time gena slam online!

Wah lao! First time gena slammed online by this ridiculous b**ch who prides herself for making impossibly mean comments online. Well well, the good thing is that I got FREE PUBLICITY (bad press is better than no press, right ;P) ‘coz she posted soooo many pics of my products on her blog and actually took the effort to criticise them one by one. *roll eyes*

In my opinion, the meanest thing she said was that my yypp figurines (made of angelclay, used at my ROM) looked like the life-size dolls people burn for the dead!?! That’s like, what the..?

I entertained the thought of defending myself on her blog or on my wedding shop blog but decided against it.. it’s ridiculous to be engaged in a shouting match with a b**ch like her. I’m not going to post her link on this blog but if you wanna read her post, just drop me a comment/msg via msn.


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