Housewarming Menu

I know we’re still VERY far from this day, but I just had to blog about this! *kekeke*

It’s a good cooking day ‘coz I managed to do up the dessert 杨支甘露 this morning for the CNY party @ Yuan’s place! ^^ Am really very pleased ‘coz it’s so much more exciting as compared to my usual jello; my only regret is that we were so pressed for time that I forgot to take pics! Boo. Anyhow, I like this dessert (from HK?) alot so I guess I will insert it into our housewarming menu (future planning). =P

On a separate note, Yuan & I will be visiting some potential banquet places soon since it’s Feb already, and the thing’s prolly in the first weekend of Dec. So, if you happen to have any good places to recommend us pls do so quickly! Hee.


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  1. 1

    lily said,

    Sally, can try out Club Chinois (@ orchard parade hotel). Had dinner there before, very nice! Haven’t tried the wedding menu tho, so not sure abt that.

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    lily> thanks Lily! Yep, this is in our list of considerations.. =) We attended a lunch banquet there last year..

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