Our Colourful World

Yuan & I enjoyed ourselves @ TANGS today shopping for drinking glasses in our favourite colours. Have seen these pretty glasses since some time back and have been wanting to buy.. so happy. We also bought a really cool pitcher in green (I like!) & a Christopher Vine mug for Yuanyuan to match the one Cally bought me. Looking forward to using all of them at the new place! Keke!


In green, blue, purple, pink & brown.. & Yuan’s mug wif lotsa sheep =P

Btw, just to update, we’ve also just booked the hotel (Royal Plaza Hotel) for our HK stay yester! =) That leaves the banquet to be settled. Faster, pleassssssseeeeeeeee.. *cross hand on heart –> Bonny would know*

– – – – – – – – – –

[Update as of 15 Feb]

Keke, what a fruitful trip we made to the very ulu and huge Ikea today after Steffi’s b’day party ‘coz in addition to ours, we’ve also bought many colourful glasses for our guests to use! *very pleased* Check it out below man, together with the picture frames for our corridor leading to the rooms =D


In green, red , white.. & the picture frames in a nostalgic sort of green ^^


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