Instant Nails

Finally, I honoured my word towards the lady in the Nailz Korea shop in Sq 2 & booked a set of instant nails today (3 months after I first stepped into that shop) =P

Well, this set of instant nails is supposed to be used for the pre-wedding shoot in HK and the AD in Dec (hopefully I will not get sick of it by then – Yuan will kill me =P) and haha, it’s so girly hor! It’s also supposed to be versatile enough to be worn on other occasions so hopefully you will get to see me wear it quite often, haa..

This is a sneak preview of how it will look like – hopefully it will look at least 90% like the original! *keeping fingers crossed*


Pardon the lousy pic – I was taking a photo of the pic on the jap magazine! 😉

– – – – – – – – – –

[Update as of 2 Mar]

Collected the nails today – in less than 1 week! =) Hmm I would say that it is quite like the original, but I would have preferred the flowers to be smaller and more dainty..

All in all, however, I think I like their service & the lady who tended to me all this while! =D




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