Coming soon – Our Pre-Wedding Shoot!

We went to My Dream Wedding for our pre-wedding shoot interview today, and spent >3 hrs at the shop! =)

Basically, we had to:

  • Indicate our must-take/don’t wanna take poses from the sample
  • Choose my preferred hairdos for the pre-wedding shoot
  • Choose Yuan’s suit
  • Take Yuan’s measurements for the suit
  • Pay the remaining amt of $$ to MDW – $2,500! Gulp.

It was generally a very enjoyable meeting ‘coz it really brought us back into the mood for the shoot. All along the attention had been on the house.. hehe. I also provided Sherlin with cutouts of gowns I like, and was very happy to see that there’s actually a huge selection of lacy gowns at MDW! ^^

See my preferred hairstyles below. Keke. The HK actresses are all so gorgeous hor! The makeup artist at HK MDW will actually advice (when we’re there) whether these are suitable for me.. =) I still like a few strands of soft, wavy curls.. (akin to my hairdo during the ROM.. heh.)

hs_1   hs_4

hs_2   hs_3

Another good piece of news to share – Wu of Depixel is avail on 6 Dec 09 and he will be our photographer for our wedding! Very very happy – many thanks to Yuko for recommending him to us. =)


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