Help from our Robotic Friends

All along I thought the part-time maid was not a bad option but I think we’ve found a better alternative – the Roomba or Scooba! Hahaha..

Actually I’ve heard of the former from friends but didn’t think much about it/ didn’t think Yuan would want to buy it. But yesterday, after seeing the stuff @ Courts Yuan said it’s a possible buy – woohoo! No need to sweep/vacuum the floor (Roomba) and wash/ mop the floor (Scooba)! ^^

It’s the ultimate tool for the newly married and very lazy Singaporean-type of couple.. hehe.. have been reading the hardwarezone forums on this tool & it looks pretty promising! I find it an ingenious idea to set it off to clean before you leave your house for work and to come back seeing the place all done up. Impressive! 😀


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  1. 1

    lily said,

    Is this the ball-like thingy that uses algorithm to work out the land area that requires cleaning? Let me know if it works for u! My friend had got it before (dunnoe what brand) but stopped using it cos it doesn’t cover every single floor space and often gets stuck behind cupboards etc. Hope urs works well!

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    lily> Oh dear, then she nv use already..? I believe it should be the same thing – the iRobot.. hmm. We will perhaps borrow the demo set if we’re really keen to buy.. =P

  3. 3

    lily said,

    yah lor try the demo 1st then buy!

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