Hello! We’re back (Part 2)

Pre-wedding shoot on 8 Apr

Ok shall start on the next (I anticipate) fairly long post.. =)

Getting Ready for the La Mer Shoot

Despite having to wake up very very early, I couldn’t zzz well the previous night (argh why does this ALWAYS happen to me)!?! We had a quick Mac’s breakfast (I miss their hash browns which seem to taste better) & were @ France Bridal by 8.15am.. *yawn*

I was whisked off to the make-up station to start my face-painting. I truly felt like a painting canvas; my MUA being the artist or painter. I don’t understand why brides must have such thick make-up – nice perhaps in pictures, but truly hideous in real-life. I don’t like to look like that! I remember feeling the same way during my ROM.. hope the AD make-up can be more natural.

In the meantime, I understand that Yuan went to the male section where he dresses up and get to choose the accompanying bow & vest wif the help of a lady assistant. After that all the poor Hubbies-to-be will just stone in the R&R section, all dressed up for >1 hour.. haha.

After getting dressed in my first gown (the La Mer one), it was time to do my first hairstyle! I chose this, & she put really pretty vines & pink flowers in my hair. There were also 2 twirly strands which were not pinned up (Yuan said it resembled my ROM hairdo). Some other assistants will also bring a few matching accessories (necklaces, bracelets) for you to choose – the experience was truly wonderful! I don’t know why we didn’t take any pics although we brought the camera, so now I have to describe everything rather laboriously.. alamak.

Off we go!

After struggling endlessly wif my instant nails, we were finally ready to go! =D I’m impressed wif the service ‘coz we had 1 vehicle, 1 driver, 1 photographer, 1 photographer’s assistant & my MUA wif us.. not bad ‘coz no need to share =)

The Outdoor Shoot

We went to 4 locations – Sai Kung nature park (not sure what is its exact name), the yacht, a coastal village & the beach! It was really VERY tiring posing and smiling from 10+ to maybe around 3+.  Anyhow, we were really grateful for clear skies & great weather (we were really worried about gloomy skies) & the shoot went on really smoothly! 开心! My pretty gown looked like shit ‘tho after the shoot after I stepped on it a million times.. ;P On the way back to the studio EVERYONE fell soundly asleep except the driver. Poor thing.

Getting Ready for the Indoor Shoot (Bridal Gown)

It was already after 4 when we reached the studio, and I had to quickly change into the formal bridal gown. She touched up make-up and re-did my hair, & I had my hair all pinned up in a fluffy sort of bun this time round.. =) Don’t have any photo to show you ‘tho. This time, she put green vines and little white orchids in my hair (she said can be simpler this time round), complete wif a veil. She also adorned a pearl bracelet with vines and purple flowers to create a more cheerful look =) After that I had a very late lunch from 茶餐厅 ordered by France Bridal =)

The Indoor Shoot

Did I mention that Studio 2 is really very pretty? Every corner, room, the backyard, the basement.. is part of the studio. There are also some whitish props like a crescent moon and wings for you to pose against so that they may create the “fantasy” effect.. cute. I think Studio 2 is really gorgeous wif all the areas done up so nicely and is really picture-perfect. Am impressed.

Getting Ready for the Indoor Shoot (Evening Gown)

It’s finally time for my last gown change! My emerald green gown, matched with a similarly-coloured feather hair accessory & hair tied to the side looked really dressy. Accordingly to Yuan this is his fav hairdo.. hee. We continued with the studio shots, the last one being in the teddy bear room where we posed with Sweetie. I hope the picture turns out really sweet! =D

End of Shoot

The shoot finally ended at 7+.. wah, very tiring leh. All in all, it was a very memorable experience & we’re really happy wif the France Bridal ppl! =) Heartfelt thanks to the crew who made the experience so enjoyable. Cannot wait to see the shots! Hehe.


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  1. 1

    Lizhen said,

    hee.. remember to post the pics when they are ready! Btw, do you have to pay extra for this overseas shoot?

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    Lizhen> OK! But think can only see the raw pics 2 weeks later. Erm it’s part of my package but the price does not include accomodation and air tix.. our studio is a HK one but has a shop in sg..

  3. 3

    Lizhen said,

    i see… not bad lah. can go shopping too. 🙂

  4. 4

    sunkiiss said,

    Sunkiiss> Yep.. so good to be on holiday. I see that you & family are enjoying yourself tremondously! =)

  5. 5

    Candice said,

    wow..u really remember the finer details 🙂 I can really feel your happiness & 开心 throughout the PS 🙂

  6. 6

    sunkiiss said,

    Candice> Hee, yep.. it was quite a cool experience for us.. very good service overall =)

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