Hello! We’re back (Part 3)

Apart from the shoot, I guess the only other related activity to the wedding is shopping.. for the wedding/ house! =D It was truely a very enjoyable experience scouring HK shops for wedding-related items ‘tho we didn’t have alot of 收获 after all.. hmm.

Maybe our expectations were a ‘lil too high when we thought that we’ll be able to get alot of nicer and more unique wedding items/ house accessories from HK but eh.. think sg stuff nicer leh. For instance, we really wanted to get a teapot set for the tea ceremony but even after scouring through all the shops in Golden Plaza (i.e. HK’s wedding plaza at Prince Edward) we couldn’t find one that’s nicer than some we’ve seen in sg, the price’s about the same and every shop was selling the same thing! Hmm. So no point buying leh..

Goods of Desire was another disappointment.. didn’t see as much inspiring stuff as I thought we would. And there’s no size for the 喜喜 bedsheet that caught our eye.. arrghhh. So in the end, didn’t buy so many things la (‘tho in sg, purchase can happen on a daily basis). Upload the pics when I get home.. now lunchtime in office.. *yawn*

[Update as of 18 Apr, 11.37pm] Pics of our wedding-related buys are below =P

hk_buy1   hk_buy2

HK wedding mags, “Good Morning/ Good Night” bedlinen from GOD

hk_buy3   hk_buy4

“肥肥” from Ocean Park from Hubby (new gift to be brought to new place),  喜喜剪纸 &  红包

hk_buy5   hk_buy6

Yummy pomelo tea mix, Panda magnet from Ocean Park

hk_buy7   hk_buy8

Free “The Dog” mug from 7-11, Mint plant from City Super


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