Final 4-Day Countdown

It’s the final 4-day countdown! Thinking of it makes me happy, and, we will NOT entertain anymore extensions.. =P Next up: getting the furniture guy to come down to do measurements once we get the keys. Happy happy.

Pu Pu & Ding Ding darlings are also at my place, ‘coz Yuan’s schedule is irregular now that he’s @ reservist – they cheered me up considerably! =D Am trying to take a nice pic of them w/o the flash ‘coz I dun wanna frighten them, but it’s difficult. Will post some pics if I manage some good shots. =) Oh yes and an update – Ding Ding dear is no longer having diarrhoea, & has became much chubbier.. yay! Pu Pu remains VERY 挑食& is rather naughty.. hmm.


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