@ The New Place

Keke, was off-in-lieu today & @ the new place again! =P Tracing back on what we did..

  • Reached new pl @ noon. Winston from Morris came to make the measurements/ our order was confirmed – we’re on the way to getting a place to sit & eat. Yay!
  • Uncle Ah Zing (mum’s younger bro) came shortly after. Will be engaging his company to do the painting of the pl & acid washing the tiles/ toilets for us. Woo Hoo!
  • Thereafter, went to have lunch @ my fav fish soup shop @ Balestier – hmm, soup wasn’t very tasty today leh. Then we went to look for dining area lightings @ Balestier, which would be kindly sponsered by Daddy! Kekeke. Sort of narrowed down to a chandelier-type already.. pretty! =)
  • Went back after that to have a rest, and to play with the cuties. They are so much fun!
  • Went out to have dinner, & to browse my fav lifestyle shops @ Great World City. And guess what – Yuan was elated to find his desired table for the feature wall @ I Wanna Go Home – bought it le! Keke!
  • Am super tired after a sneezing fit (late afternoon onwards). Went home after going to the new pl to feed the babies & clean their cage. What an eventful Mon! =)

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