Daddy’s Day lunch & Coffee @ Pudding Cafe

Had Daddy’s Day lunch in advance yesterday with my family ‘coz I’m not ard on the 21st.. hope everybody enjoyed the lunch @ my all-time-fav fish soup place! Keke. Also hope Daddy had an enjoyable time wif us.. =) HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY MY DEAR PAPA!

Yesterday was also the first day Yuan & I managed to make our own coffee @ the new place (the new kettle 开动了! =P) It’s also the first time we used our Christopher Vine mugs.. heh. See pics below.


The red one wif lotsa delicious cupcake motifs is mine (a gift from Cally Cupcake!). We bought the green sheepy one for Yuan to make it a set. ;D These are our permanent beverage mugs.. =P


Hee.. me posing with my coffee.


Yuan’s turn.


And I am very pleased ‘coz the mint has finally started growing! Woo Hoo! See whether you can spot the mini shoots in the pic above ;D


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  1. 1

    Elaine said,

    From Kenneth’s position, the balcony does look a bit small… but the nice scene looks lovely.. 🙂 I can see that someone’s wearing her fav top again…

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    Elaine> Yeah, the balcony’s not big (width is only ard 1.2m) but the balcony set fits in rather well..

    Yeah, my fav top’s comfy and easy to match! =)

  3. 3

    ling-er said,

    pudding cafe is a cute name keke.. reali sweet to chill at the balcony

  4. 4

    sunkiiss said,

    ling-er> Keke it was conveniently named after my hamsters (whose breed is Yellow Pudding and whose names are Pu Pu & Ding Ding).. wahaha.

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