Pleasant Surprise

Found the balcony in a mess tonight ‘coz one of the homefix hay pots (i.e. the one housing the cherry tomato) had toppled, and all the soil had spilled onto the floor & on the bicycle.

While I was cleaning up the mess & feeling a little dejected over the loss (RIP: Cherry), a pleasant surprise greeted me when I noticed that a thin & long little shoot had sprung out of the coriander pot – so happy! Imagine my double surprise when upon close scrutiny, I realised that the asparagus pot had progress too – there were 2 very thin pale green shoots (miniature asparaguses) growing out from the soil! Wow! So now three pots had begun their growth liao.. happy happy!


Ms Coriander. The shoot is a 2-leaf thing, just like Mr Mint’s.


Haha, too small for you to see! ;D Mr Asparaguses.

And, I convinced Yuan to go to Isetan wif me to buy the coveted steamer & ended up buying other things ‘coz they don’t have that model! Wahahaha.. see below:


Haha, vanity stuff.


On second thoughts, I think I wouldn’t want to put it in the bathroom ‘coz it’s afterall a damp place. Gotta think of wea to put it.. =P So pretty hor.


And yay, I’ve got another bottle of my fav pomelo tea mix from Elly. Thanks Dear!


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