Back Home & To Work

Helloz Everyone! =)

I’m back home and back into the groove of work, much too soon.. ..

Have not started on the study trip report which I suspect that I will have to embark on REALLY soon.. bleh.. have just passed the clearing-and-replying-to-1000-red emails stage.. >_<

So, have verified that the Swedes are good-looking & the place’s rather lovely! Heh. Am also of the view that the place seems really safe and the people friendly (we’ve had 2 persons at 2 diff locations checking if we need help when I was struggling with the map hee). And I really appreciate all the lifestyle shops ard (the Swedes are big on creative designs ard the house) – I got to shop for things for the new home! Heh.

Want to share some pics here but I haven’t had the time (everyday entertaining the puddings until too late). Will try to do so tonight. =)

[Update as of 2 Jul, 12.34am]

Wah realised that I really have ALOT of pics to post! So, shall do so in batches. Here is batch #1 – the sights! Enjoy.


Pretty sight that greeted us on the first day.


Cobblestone lanes of Gamla Stan – the Old Town.


Erm.. this is possibly the nicest pic of me on the trip.


The Swedes regard this as the most beautiful building in Sweden/ Stockholm (oops, I forgot!). It’s Stadshuset, the City Hall (home of the Nobel Banquet).


The Golden Hall (in Stadshuset) lined with real gold mosaic pieces.


The Blue Hall (where the Nobel Banquet is held) which is actually red.


Candy-coloured buildings (some of which are 700 years old!!!) characteristic of Gamla Stan.


From a lookout point we walked uphill to reach.


This was 9pm plus – the sun was only starting to set!


Royal Palace in the background.


The beautiful Swedish Parliament Building Riksdagshuset.


The control tower @ Stockholm Arlanda Airport – looks futuristic eh?


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