Finally we received our mattress for the guest room. Dunno why both of us are so lazy to go shopping for the mattress. Dear is only keen in shopping for stuff that interest her.. So last week i finally decide to stop delaying and decided to ordered it online. After surfing and checking some forums, i found this online store I manage to find the mattress that i wanted on the website. Plus their price is reasonable and most importantly is pay on delivery. So no need to worry about being cheated. Hehe. They carry quite a few brands and a varieties of mattress.

Btw their customer service is very good.. bcos of my carelessness. I order a single mattress which in fact i should order a super-single. Only when they delivered then i realised the mistake. They are very professional and they allow me to make the exchange without any questions and no extra cost incurred. Delivery is free too!  Feel so paisay to make the delivery guys make a wasted trip. Their service is much better than some big store name. Cos got one big name store at toa payoh central really pissed me off with their lousy service.

I guess if you had in mind which mattress you want or other bedroom furnitures. You can give them a try. We are happy customers.


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