Fireworks from home

Finally we get to view the fireworks from home last sat. woohoo. Had been wanting to try the view of fireworks from our hse. Had been gg out the past few sats tat we missed the fireworks. So last sat we decided to stay home for dinner and watch harry potter plus catch the firework. And we love it.. Although the view of the fireworks is not tat big from our house. but the cool thing is it is directly in-front of our house. Fireworks jus outside our balcony. Cool. keke

Oso spent 2 hrs cleaning the hse.. vacuum and mopping the whole house plus washing 2 toilets.. Sigh me is becoming a more n more domestic.. 😦


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  1. 1

    Nel said,

    hehehe….so pre-opening hse on 9 Aug? :p

    2 hrs is fast…..normally we take abt half a day at least to clean up the whole hse leh…

  2. 2

    yuanlovepang said,

    Sofa haven delivered leh.. Wait till furniture settle in then let u know.. unless u wanna sit on floor.. hahaha.

    oh btw is only me who is cleanng. ops.. hahaha..

  3. 3

    sunkiiss said,

    Whey Yuanyuan you just did 1 time alone only lor!!! =( Then I also did alot of packing after you did the cleaning what =/ HMPH!

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