Tiring Weekend

It was an exciting eventful tiring long weekend.

After a long, long wait, the rest of the furniture (sofa, coffee table, dining table chairs) finally came on Fri, 24 Jul. No complaints abt the sofa this time round – it’s the inviting and bouncy one we saw @ the showroom! =) As for the coffee table mah, err.. I seriously don’t recall choosing such a BIG one..

Tip for going-to-be buyers of furniture: rethink your decision to get black tempered glass tabletops ‘coz they are REALLY a pain to upkeep – it accentuates the ever-accumulating dust on the tabletop & can be so difficult to clean – we have two.. -_-”


It’s so inviting, and I love these C.A.M cushions! =)


Nicely tucked in when no one’s using

And Sat was the trip to MDW (also after v long!) to see the album layout.. =) Nothing much to change ‘coz it already looks well-put together. Am looking forward to getting all the stuff  (the album, the big photo, 2 smaller photos, 2 small albums & the photo CD) in a month’s time! =D

And did I forget to mention that I was there primarily to choose the WG and EG – very hard to choose leh! In gist, I ‘choped’ 2 gowns but am not very sure about them, the WG especially (will go another day to choose again). Think I very much prefer the sweetheart gown I tried in HK leh.. hmm..

Have not started on the bulk of the wedding prep for Dec. Focus is still v much on the house and cleaning forms a huge part. I’m tired, I mean, of ‘coz I love going to the new place but I also like being pampered at home a lot, so.. I dunno. Never knew how great my current life is.. =)


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  1. 1

    Tao said,

    Tink i mentioned to u b4…that it is very difficult to maintain the black tempered glass…. Looks nice but not “user-friendly”….

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    Tao> Yeah man.. must buy the Muscleman or Magiclean glass cleaner lo.. =P

  3. 3

    ling-er said,

    ya, buy the glass cleaner! it works leh, at least for a few days ;p
    btw, white is difficult to maintain too.. i m terrified that the white furniture i bought will turn yellow

  4. 4

    sunkiiss said,

    ling-er> Ya we use Muscleman.. it’s ok la much better than just cleaning with water.. =)

    Hmm ya.. white may turn slightly off-white over time I guess.. just like our built-in console and shoe cabinet, it will nv be as white as the new white stuff no matter how much you clean them.

  5. 5

    joey said,

    Hi can just ask where you got your sofa from, and how much? thanks!

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