Another Busy Weekend

Been wanting to blog, but have been too busy to do so! 😉

I can’t believe that we Yuan is so ‘on’ to cook. Last Sat was a cooking day again where Yuan impressively whipped up a yummy Japanese potato salad, which was definitely much better than the one I ate with colleagues during lunch at SS! =)

As for me, I prepared the other dishes like boiled sausages, jap wafu pasta & wild mushroom soup (hehe, all very easy to make). Sadly, the wafu mushroom pasta sauce which I bought from the Jap supermarket tasted nothing like Waraku pasta’s. Disappointed ne. Luckily I only bought 1 packet..

And Sun was my dear fren Muisee’s wedding! =D It was a hectic, but very enjoyable day ‘coz I’m sooooo happy for this dear buddy of mine. Congrats, Muisee! May you guys 白头偕老,永浴爱河!=)

And yes.. the schedule of works for the AD has officially kicked in & we’re currently in the multiple-taskings-and-in-danger-of-schedule-slipping phase.. bleh. Wah.. not easy, esp. when my double happiness x-stitch is not even half complete! =S

Last but not least, got a comment to make about the darlings again – their fur is getting silker (machiam put tonnes of conditioner like that) & I’m finding them harder to catch ‘coz they can literally slip off your fingers! Hee. Love them so..

As usual.. eye candy..


Looks good eh? But.. but.. cooking every week is too siong la.


Hee! That’s Pu on top & Ding below, on Yuan’s hand.


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  1. 1

    lily said,

    Alot of food for 2 persons leh… haha but looks yummy 😀

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    lily> Hee.. ya. Too much actually =)

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