Exciting AD Preps

We’ve finally met our hotel coordinator on Sat, and decided on our banquet theme/ colours, flowers, favours, wedding cake & even the bridal suite! Haha. What’s left is the food tasting and songs to use and preferred match-in route (all this can be settled closer to the date). =)

Although I’m tempted to, I will not actually reveal the theme, favours and all that ‘coz no fun liao if I do so! =) The cake is Durian cake btw and the bridal suite is the Shanghai room.. =P Didn’t get to see the room ‘tho; it was recommended by our hotel coordinator..

And we also chose the invites liao @ American Wedding Treasures (it was truely a very fruitful day in terms of preps!) =D Now we’ve got to think about the wording & what angkong to put.. =)

This shall be a short post ‘coz I’m feeling quite unwell.. hit by the flu bug too & was wheezing in bed yester =( Shall just show you 1 pic of the Jap potato salad Hubby made again today (to finish up the potatos). So authentic & delicious!


This is an interesting pic. Check out the reflection.. =)


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