Puddings’ Health Check

Haha not that we can do many tests, but at least we can measure their BMI! ;P

Yuan just took their weight yesterday & they are surprisingly light – Ding’s 60g and Pu’s only 50g (was surprised ‘coz my late hamster Snowy weighed 92g I think!) We have yet to measure their height (or rather length) and Yuan can do so tonight.. hehe. The formula is weight (kg)/(height (m) * height (m)).. ^^

Will update on their BMIs tonight =D

[Update as of 11.05pm]

Alamak, the naughty Puddings are so hard to measure ‘coz they cannot stop moving, even in your hand! -_- By aggaration, Ding is 12cm long and Pu 11cm; applying the BMI formula will yield:

Dingding: 0.06/(0.12 * 0.12) = 4.17

Pupu: 0.05/(0.11 * 0.11) = 4.13

I dunno how to interpret this – can’t be using the BMI for ladies which mean that they are in the “possible non-specific risk” group of <18.5 kg/metre sq right? Haha.. some vet should go derive the optimal BMI for animals la. Well, at least we know that the darlings have quite close BMIs so we do not need to be too concerned that one is too fat/ skinny than the other! Hee!


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  1. 1

    yuanlovepang said,

    my dear, u dun really tink tat their BMI can be calculated using tis formula ba!!!

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    Why not! HEHE.

  3. 4

    sunkiiss said,

    Wilson> Thanks Wilson! Think this may be for the big hamsters ‘tho (not the dwarf hamsters).. ours are Yellow Puddings and they belong to the latter and are thus lighter =)

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