My Dearest Sister’s Wedding

Apart from it being a very wonderful long weekend, Sat was also my dear sister’s wedding! =) The place was very nicely done up and she looked so beautiful & blissful.. =D Am truely happy for this naughty little sister of mine! =)

Sat was the weekly cleaning again (oops, Yuan did alot including the toilets!) & our new place is spick & span again =D Unfortunately, this does not last for very long until the house gets engulfed by dust from the south again.. =/ Today (Mon) is accompany-Mummy-day ‘coz it’s her b’day celebration! =) Her luck @ Mahjong was also correspondingly good. The ex buffet dinner was not so good ‘tho.. standard has dropped loads since the last time! =(

Okies.. before I go bathe and brace myself for the start of the working week.. eye candy..


Check out the couple & all the decor, decked in the wedding colours pink & white!

big vase

Keke, I ‘kopped’ some of the roses home & they’re now sitting prettily in our vase =) The tealight holder from Sweden has also shifted here & those 2 birdies are the salt & pepper shakers (i.e. 1 of the gorgeous favours!) from Ann’s wedding.

small vase

Hehe, the smaller vase @ the feature wall also has some!

view from corridor

I like this view from the corridor very much =)

shuang xi

With much difficulty and hard work.. the shuang xi x-stitch is finally finally completed by the BOTH of us (Yuan’s role increased towards the completion ‘coz I was increasingly tired of doing it)! So happy ‘coz can bring it for framing tml le =D

mum bay

Last but not least.. a nice shot with Mummy today! =)


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