Injured Ding

The past few days had been REALLY eventful, ‘tho not always in a good way. As I was happily taking photos of the decals on the feature wall in my room on Thurs, Ding got hurt at the balcony.. :/ (After several days of analysing her wounds, I think it would be quite accurate to say that she tore the skin near her eye sockets while trying to squeeze out of a very small gap in the balcony door, when it suddenly closed on her) We were terrified ‘coz one of her eyes got very big (I was so afraid that it was dropping out) but thankfully, it went back in and that was when we saw the bleeding all ard the eye area.. =( We thought her eyes were bleeding & were very worried, and so were quite thankful when the vet said that she only got cut.. thank God! She’s recovering now and looking better as the days go by.. =)

The weekend was spent cleaning (mostly by Yuan),  doing wedding stuff (mostly by Pang = me) & attending Yuan’s family Mid-Autumn festival gathering. And yes, we used our Zojirushi toaster again, this time to make breakfast – Ah Kun style! Yuan didn’t like it very much ‘tho.. =/

And I dunno why I’m ill again with a sniffly nose and a very bad cough, argghhh!!! This flu thing is really irritating me..


Ding resting in the old cage (we had to separate the 2 ‘coz we were afraid that Pu will accidentally touch Ding’s wounds)

ding_resting_on yuan

Haa.. Ding zzzping on Yuan (this pic), and on me too! She usually does not do that.


Finally bought some wall decals to experiment with from my fav shop Antropology.. =)

room_feature wall

This is in progress.. the feature wall in my room to display buys from overseas.. I love it!

ah kun

Haha.. check out the toast – the right one looks more ‘normal’ after adjusting the timing.. heh (decided to try this after observing the canteen lady toast the bread =P)


Keke, we assembled the cards today! =D


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  1. 1

    yuanlovepang said,

    Dear miss out some parts. Both PuPu DingDing are back in the same cage. In fact we think they miss each other. Cos Pupu did look restless the few days without DingDing. And guess wat they are both sniffing each other when we put them together. They sure look more happy together. 🙂

  2. 2

    lily said,

    poor dingding! glad she’s recovering well! And it’s your turn to rest well and recover quickly too, Sally! You really looked bad today! 😦 take care!

  3. 3

    sunkiiss said,

    yuanlovepang> haha ya.. glad Pu didn’t think she is the sole owner of the cage when Ding moved temporarily.. =D They are indeed hao jiemei. =P

    lily> Hope the worst is over. I plan to be bk tml! =)

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