Happy B’day Hubby!

Haha there’s so much to update until I dunno where to start! =) First of all, wanna wish Hubby a very happy 30th B’day! Oops.. no more in your 20s le.. sob =P

And this is a very very siong time for me ‘coz Hubby’s chinese b’day was just 2 days ago (on Fri) -_-” So you can imagine that I was busy cooking again.. alamak.. have been busy in the kitchen quite alot recently.

After Ling-er’s housewarming on Sat, Yuan & I went to Golden Happiness @ Katong Shopping Centre to finally check out the GDL items =) Bought a whole package of cute traditional items like the spittoon, washing basin, sewing kit, baby bath tub, etc. etc. (all part of my dowry) and managed to find the tea set I like too (saw it on Her World Brides last time) from the shop! Hee!

It’s amazing how fast things move these days/ decisions are made ‘coz we also settled Mummy’s clothes for the banquet & bought our sheets for the bed on Sat – do you know that we’ve been finding our sheets for MONTHS w/o being able to make a decision but yesterday, it was just like “Hmm it’s nice. Let’s buy it”. Wahaha.. the ticking clock sure speeds decisions up.. =D

And oh yes, Mum’s dress is from Daniel Yan.. I sure hope she continues to like it =) I also took alot of pics to record the above devts! =) See below..

golden happiness

The very traditional looking GDL shop.. haha..


Check out all these items! So many leh, but it’s not all.. the bath tub, wash basin & spittoon, etc. are all from the mandarin duck series =P


New sheets! =D


New luggage we bought for the honeymoon.. =)

longevity noodles

OK! This is Yuan’s longevity noodle cooked by his wife.. looks good eh.

breakfast_yuan bday

Haha! This is breakfast cooked by Yuan this morn.


Err.. a simple B’day dinner wif Yuan today at this Jap-Italian restaurant @ Liang Court.. the waiter’s photography skills CMI la..

yuan bday_not looking

Haa Yuan & the Puddings & his fav cake Coco Exotic! See the darlings not very shang2 lian3 ah.. looking away wahaha.

yuan bday_looking

Haha after some persuasion..


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    i like very cute wedding bands that are lined with satin clothe and some velvet colored stuffs too `.~

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