Ultra Tiring Weekend & Wedding Prep Updates

It was a v v v tiring weekend contributing to a v blue Mon.. sigh, and *yawn*. And it doesn’t help that I had trouble zzzping last night (due to waking up too late at 1+ pm on Sun afternoon). =(

We were shopping ecstatically on Fri evening at Uniqlo @ Ion, where we bought most of our stuff for our honeymoon, woo hoo! Must give my smart Yuan credits for this one – he was the one who researched on this shop and found that it had opened in sg =D Adjourning to Taka later, I also managed to find a pair of Timberland boots at quite a good price from the Taka Brands Sale.. 开心!;)

Sat was REALLY crazy. We went to deliver cakes & invites from approx. 12 noon all the way till ard 10pm. It was crazy!!! But it was nice to see Mama’s sisters & bro.. impt ppl whom I’ve largely not met. And the greatest surprise was.. our JP for our ROM last yr, Mr Chan Kai Yau is actually Mummy’s cousin-in-law (i.e. my Uncle)!?! What a small world (& an even smaller sg!) =D Hmm maybe you don’t really need Facebook to connect you to ppl. You’ll just see them somehow. Haha.

Finally, we settled both Daddies’ suits for the wedding yester.. glad they both managed to find something suitable from the shop.. relieved.. =) What a busy weekend hor.


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