What a Fun Weekend!

Was busy as can be during the weekend, but it was great!

Checked out “Lock and Key” on Fri on Kai Yuen’s invitation, & had a good time catching up wif some of my fellow TB alumni members! The place looks really new & neat now but somewhat clinical. I think I still prefer the warm, cosy feel of “Captains’ Quay”.. =)

And Sat was my Hen Party organised by my COT colleagues (minus the only rooster).. heh! We had a very pleasant afternoon sipping tea & munching on delicacies at the Scott’s Lounge @ Grand Hyatt (my first time there), & it was great! The only catch was that I had to wear this silver toy tiara & hold a purple toy wand wherever I went – looking like a 7 yr old B’day gal @ her Princessy-theme B’day party as a result! ;P We adjourned to my new place thereafter where the games (involving lots of cucumbers) were played, & it was a very wasteful game indeed! Tsk tsk. Lily & Cally then enjoyed a movie on my new couch while it was pouring outside.. great atmosphere for a movie.. =) Just wanna thank my COT friends for organising this.. I appreciate it lots ya =D

23[1]. streets

And Sun was spent shopping for MIL’s clothes for the banquet, and haha, we managed to settle it in the first shop! =P


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  1. 1

    lily said,

    For the next staff meeting, we were thinking of having a Winter Theme – everybody come dressed with our scarves and gloves! haha, alternatively, you can be a one-woman show with your tiara and wand! ;)))

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    lily> No thanks. I can bring my nice x’masy scarf =P

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