Task List

While I’m working (hard), & in fact rushing to complete a very important paper (to me), I can’t help but allow wedding matters to creep into my mind & overpower my thoughts. Gosh.. this is bad.

The task list seems to be endless, and I’m feeling the real urgency to settle alot of the stuff as we close in to the wedding. Just to name a few, the following are tasks at the back of my head:

  • Settle the videos!!! This is stressful ‘coz time is running out, & I really want to do a good job
  • Plan the 姐妹s’ party – this cannot be considered essential but I really want it & believe it will bring fond memories in the future
  • Pack my room, and move most of the stuff that I want over – this is urgent as GDL is next week! Oh Dear.
  • Settle all the gifts – soooo many! I need to take leave on one day for this.
  • Finish up the wedding schedule document & start on the script – this is also urgent! Planning cannot be left till the last min!
  • Buy my wedding shoes! Must make a trip to Taka soon.
  • Go for a pre-wedding facial. Err.. have just decided that I will want to go for the first facial in my life, where else but at SKII.

OK, after venting.. it’s back to my paper. =)


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  1. 1

    ling-er said,

    hey, i’m so excited for u! let me knw if u need any help k

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    ling-er> Thanks Ling-er! OK will let you know if I need help =) Got my invite?

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