29 Day Countdown to AD/ 1 Mth Countdown to Honeymoon

Woo.. the countdown is getting exciting becoz it’s down to the final 29 days! *stressed* I’m still struggling to settle the tasks on my list one by one, as much as I can do each day. Check out the latest below..

Our Angpao Box

angpao box1

Made wif crystal wedding bear couple, white fluff, fabric flowers, pearls, pearl string, swarovski crystals & ribbons.. nice mah? =P

close up1



Side view

Our Guestbook


The cover, adorned with swarovski crystals & flower beads! =) Love this guestbook becoz it guides ppl to write meaningful things. 


First inner page..


Second inner page..


X’mas lightings are up sooo early this year! Wanna shop for our very own first X’mas tree =D


Hee.. & I still think the view from the balcony (particularly this scene at dusk) is gorgeous. Heh.

ikea buys

Hohoho.. check out all our buys from IKEA yesterday (much of the remaining stuff we need for our new house). There you’ll find the cardboard boxes, ironing board, bedside table, quilt, sheets, GDL lamps (improvised), bin & others.. the cost of building up a new home is &^&$%&#$%..!!!


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