Am rushing to..

  • Complete the wedding day intinerary (almost done)
  • Do the table arrangement (Ann helping)
  • Do the emcee script (Ann helping)
  • Do the 10q video (only selected the pics – HURRY!)
  • Buy all the 姐妹 gifts (achieved 4/8)
  • Shortlist all the hairdos I like & pass to MUA
  • Give out the remaining invites – busy ppl, when do you have time to meet me?

Still got to:

  • Decide on the songs we wanna use for the wedding
  • Buy Daddy/ DIL’s gifts
  • Prepare o/r 10q gifts (what leh?) & write 10q card for Uncle Chan
  • Plan for the 姐妹 party on 29 Nov (haha actually got idea liao but gotta reorganise my thoughts)
  • Exchange my wedding shoe for the right size (pending Pazzion’s call)

Urgh there must be more tasks than this!!! Recently loads of ppl have been asking me how are the preps, are they all done, etc. I keep saying there are shitloads left.. haha. Thank God for my dear sister who’s helping to do some of these while I  stay stuck in the office churning out my papers..


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Piyoo said,

    =O Jiemei party on 29 Dec? Hee..

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    Piyoo> You’re so sharp! Haa! Amended liaoz =D

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