Random Pics

Haha.. took these 2 pics wif my iPhone yester & just felt like posting them! The quality of the pics is not so good ‘tho ‘coz I only have Paint in the office.. no Photoshop.

Strangely, Pupu took a bite off the mint leaf yester!!! :O I’ve been trying to get the 2 to be familiar with this plant & the spring onion for some time but they used to refrain from smelling it.. & now she’s eating it!?! Yuan thinks the fresh mint shld be quite hot.. haha..

These 2 cuties live at the foot of our block (new home).  They have the same colour totally but different pattern.. so cute! And are cuddling together/ playing with each other always. Pupu & Dingding shld take a leaf from their book & stop fighting!


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