2 Weeks Countdown

It’s the final 2 weeks countdown – the wedding’s coming REALLY soon!!! :O

Thurs was the treat from Mary for the wedding @ the very nice Japanese Dining Bar (10q Mary!), Fri was the meetup wif my HTAC friends for our 1 yr reunion @ Brewerkz, Sat was wine-shopping for the banquet followed by loads of shopping at Vivo, & Sun (today) was a major springcleaning session of our new home in preparation for the wedding! ;P Hubby Yuanyuan deserves loads of praise for doing all the windows and toilets in addition to the usual stuff – REALLY tough job! :S

And we put up some of the shuangxi liaoz; the house looks so auspicious now! Hmm pair it wif a spanking new X’mas tree & it looks really east-west fusion.. funny! =D

Hee.. lots of photo updates below!

The lovely wine shop (one of Sheraton’s vendors) @ Bukit Timah

Hohoho! Guess what we bought @ Vivo’s Tangs Christmas store.. =P

Mum was surprised that the tree’s up – so soon!?! (Yeah, we work fast)

The tree in the day – we need to get more golden stuff! (yeah – the theme’s the same as our wedding’s –> primarily GOLD =) ).

[Update as of 26 Nov – almost done!!! =)]

I love this view, all the more now!

Finally put up the shuangxi thingy bought in HK in Apr..

Shuangxi stickers all over the wardrobe..

While we’re cleaning, Pu tried to amuse us with her cute half zzzping-half eating antics. She succeeded! =D

Woo.. yummy pizza dinner after all that hard work.. hardly the recommended pre-wedding sorta diet. Haha.


3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    cally said,

    haha.. is that breaded scallops in the food picture? ha ha

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    cally> YES.. my FAV.. hahahahaha..

  3. 3

    ling-er said,

    dinner looks extremely good!

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