Down to the Final Week

Yep.. time ignored our earnest request and continue to zip by us..

Thankfully, ALOT of things are settled – videos, music, briefings, clothes, shoes, gifts..

& the long weekend was really helpful! Thank God for it. =)

Things we did over the past few days (including today) of worthy mention:

  • Met Nel & Bel for dinner on Thurs
  • Brought Pu the sweetheart to the vet on Sat – she’s almost recovered! =)
  • 姐妹 party on Sun
  • Gown fitting today

It’s a hectic, hectic period for us. Hotel’s rehearsal tml. I need to relax..

Some pics of the 姐妹 party below. If I have time tml I’ll elaborate more.. too tired now.

I love the setting! But table abit too small for more food.. haa.

& I regret taking soooo few pics of the party (eh.. this were the only 2 I took of the 姐妹s =S ). Too busy hanging out in the kitchen/ serving food/ taking 姐妹s on house tours liaoz. Haha.

OK.. you can catch a glimpse of me and Grace and Bali here (think Muisee took this pic). Shld have ’empowered’ one of them to take pics! Haa.

OK.. update tml again if I am free.. zzzzzzzzz..


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  1. 1

    Lily said,

    haha! The food looks familiar.. homemade skewered bacon w asparagus? Canapes and eclairs from Delifrance? Japanese potato salad? Choc fondue with fresh fruits? :))))

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    Lily> Yeah you are smart indeed! Also got rojak, and shark’s fin soup & homemade chrysanthemum tea (in kitchen).. heh. The bacon also came wif shimeiji & straw mushrooms =D Hmm but on hindsight, maybe shld have had more carbos lest they’re not full.. keke.

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