Happy 2010!

First of all, here’s wishing all our dear frens a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2010 has come too soon eh (or rather, the holidays have ended too soon -_-“)

Yuan & I were speculating that 99% of the working population must be experiencing Monday blues today – except for the siao 1% who cannot wait to return to work.. kekeke. And it doesn’t help that the weather was so good/ cool this morning! Sob. Pupu & Dingding are such lucky fellas =)

And yep, we’ve collected the video & softcopy of the AD photos over the weekend, woo hoo! So you can probably expect upcoming blog entries in the following order, packed wif lots of exciting pics:


  • Morning preps
  • Gatecrashing
  • Banquet preps/ Tea ceremony
  • Banquet


  • France (Paris)
  • Switz (Geneva, Zermatt, Berne, Interlaken (& Jungfraujoch), Mt Titlis, Lucerne)
  • Italy (Milan, Pisa, Florence, Chianti, Rome, Vatican City)

Haha it’s gg to be a busy time blogging for us! And we still have our holiday photobook to do & dozens of photos to develop for ppl, etc. It’s a great way to occupy our time! =)


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