AD – Gatecrashing

Oh dear, I found my progress wif the blogging on the AD impeded by some (Korean) distractions, & it’s really difficult to step out! Addictions, addictions and how potent they are =P

But today’s a surprisingly nice short working day & I must grab the opportunity to blog on one of my fav segments of the wedding – the Gatecrashing! Here goes =D

Arrival of the convoy, early as promised =)

Small Kenneth opens the door for big Kenneth =)

My “阵容强大”的姐妹团, led by Theng. Haha!

Task #1: Wearing of Tiara. Difficulty rating = 1/5

Task #2: Which is your fav day from Mon to Sun = determines your choice of stylish moustache of the day.. haha. From the looks of it, difficulty rating shld be 3/5 ‘coz everyone kept fiddling with it all the time!

Adjusting the moustache..

I ain’t liking Yuan’s ‘hum sup lo’ image.. haha.

Nel’s ‘Sat’ moustache suited him ‘tho! Hehe!

Along the way, Jerome also had to put on ‘long-lasting’ lip gloss. Poor guy..

Bali checks out the first angpao of the day

Not too pleased (wif the angpao), the guys are given their next task (actually pleased also like that =P). Task #2: To write a poem starting wif the letters of my name. Difficulty level (i.e. judging from what I watched from the video) = 5/5. *Shake head*

After watching the video, I realised Yuan did not come up with a single word, let alone poem! *growl* All he did was turn to his bros for the answers!!! >_<

Task #3: Yuan to dance with his signature moves to 3 songs, bros to accompany. Difficulty level = 3.5/5. Photog didn’t take any pics of this, prolly ‘coz Yuan danced in quick bursts? Haha.

2nd angpao = bogus check which was promptly thrown out by the 姐妹s. They ain’t letting you in w/o cold, hard cash lor!

That’s better..

Ok ok, finally on the way in, after choosing the right key =P

Shagged out even before Task #4! Haha. It’s very simple actually – to manage to extract some hairs using the plasters (difficulty level = 1/5)! So benevolent hor =D


Task #5.. finally! Not very difficult la, just eating some bittergourd & wasabi only =P Difficulty level = 3.5/5.

Wah! Found Cocky so soon! =D Yuan looks happy to see Cocky.

Are those tears that I see in your eyes?

Red-faced Nel

姐妹s laughing very happily.. hee.

And also are rather pleased wif the final angpao

Finally can come in liao!

Lovely end to the Gatecrashing segment =)


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  1. 1

    Photosophize said,

    So interesting! haha…

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    Photosophize> Yep! But quite lenient la haha

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