Lack of Updates here (blame the teevee)

Yep, the teevee (& also drama serials) must be the most one kind invention of all time, with evil intentions to command our utmost attention & render all our intended work undone. You are bad!

As a consequence of being an extremely innocent victim to this purpose, my dear fren came to me today & asked if I am still watching Korean dramas, ‘coz the blog seems neglected.. oopsy! Yep I know.. the blog has nv been left on its own for no good reason, the last being the honeymoon =P

Well well, actually I could just go on & on about all the updates! Following the wedding & honeymoon, we need to develop photos for ppl/ treat some ppl/ blog on everything/ do up the honeymoon photobook (wedding-related tasks) & nurture my plants/ play wif the darlings/ finalise configuration of new home/ plan for housewarming/ prepare for CNY (house-related tasks).. the list seems endless! Then of ‘coz the time is scarce ‘coz I am not taitai mah.. sob sob. So everyday only can do 一点点.. keke.

And yep, we’ve collected the video (sans express highlights – hey wea is it?), as well as photo album from Wu. While it was with total regret that we choose that company for our video, luckily the pics from Wu turned up really nice! Candid as I like, & he’s a really nice person =D

I thought you may also like to know that I bought 2 new cushion covers at 50% discount from C.A.M @ Robinsons today again =P They’re in my evening gown colours – I heart! I am totally addicted to C.A.M.. can browse there for hours (err.. ‘tho the section is actually v small.. hahaha!)

They made cushion covers with my gown

Oh ya, & I am also growing chilli @ the balcony now! May they grow up healthily wif the help of the Home Fix organic fertilizer that I bought yester. Haha!

Kiasu me sowed way toooo many seeds.


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  1. 1

    Lily said,

    Stop watching your super long korean soap opera Sally! hahaha

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    Lily> Can’t stop.. finally managed to 追上了。。 哈哈!

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